How do I mark the Ranked Choice ballot?

The ranked choice ballot card is designed in a side-by-side column format and lists the names of the candidates in rows. This format allows a voter to select a first-choice candidate in the first column, a second-choice candidate in the second column, and a third-choice candidate in their column. Voters will fill in the oval next to the name of their choice. For the At-Large Charter Commission seat you will select your top four choices in order of preference for the four At-Large seats. You may still rank as few or as many as you wish.  

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1. How do I mark the Ranked Choice ballot?
2. Must I rank four candidates for the At-Large Charter Commissioner race?
3. What if I skip a ranking?
4. How are ranked choice votes counted?
5. Who is conducting the Ranked Choice Voting tabulating?
6. How is Ranked Choice Voting going to be used for the Four (4) At-Large Seats for the Charter Commission?