Munjoy Hill Stormwater Outfall project

December 15, 2020: The Munjoy Stormwater outfall project was completed in conjunction with the Thames Street Extension Project in 2019. The project installed a 60" storm drain outfall line from the seawall at the edge of the new Amethyst Lot park up to Fore Street through the new roadway constructed as part of the adjacent development projects. The project installed 540 linear feet of new 60" storm drain pipe.

The total cost of this project for the roadway extension and the new storm drain system came in at $2,300,000.00.

The new storm drain system will allow DPW to install a new separated storm drain system in Fore Street/Eastern Prom from the 100 Fore Street development driveway to Morning Street. The new separated storm drain system will help reduce combined sewer overflows at CSO location # 23-India Street, which discharges CSO flows adjacent to the Ocean Gateway Marine Terminal. This next phase of the project is currently under design. Funding for this next phase of the work is being requested as part of this year's Capital Improvement funding Request. If funded, it is anticipated that the Fore Street - Eastern Promenade Sewer Separation project will commence in 2021.

Thames St Ext 2019-04-05 DSCN0151
Thames St Ext 2019-09-16 DSCF0069
Thames St Ext 2019-05-08 DSCF9682
Thames St Ext 2019-03-29 DSCN0126
Thames Street Ext 2019-02-27 Outfall Public Information Sign (MFS) FINAL Design