Who Are You?

In Portland, we’re lucky to have water resources at our finger tips. Stroudwater and Fore Rivers, Back Cove, Capisic Pond, Casco Bay – whether we’re exploring the landscape, sipping water, or enjoying tasty local seafood, clean water is important to our way of life.


The City and our partners work hard to ensure clean water resources for our city. Portland Water District provides clean drinking water from Sebago Lake to our faucets. They also manage our wastewater treatment plants


When it comes to keeping our rivers, streams, and Casco Bay clean, everyone plays an important role, including you!


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Get Involved
Find fun water and nature related events happening throughout the City!

What the City is Doing

We are working hard to protect our water resources. Initiatives are underway to upgrade old infrastructure and install systems that remove pollution by mimicking nature. We also provide education and programs to our residents so we can work together to protect our water resources. Learn more about what we’re doing here.

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